“Thank God It’s Friday” Review ~ Battlestar Galactica Mini Series

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Thank God It’s Friday!

Every Friday, hopefully I’ll be able to stick up a review of what’s interested me this week. Today it’s the turn of Battlestar Galactica…

Battlestar Galactica – The Mini-series (2003)

Genre: Sci-fi/drama
Running time: 3 hours [approx]
DT’s rating: 9/10

I finally got roped into seeing the miniseries of Battlestar Galactica. Everyone I talk to raves about the series.The miniseries was a 3 hour ‘film’ that sets up the 2004 series [which in turn picks up from the 1970s series, but we’re ignoring that icon_razz.gif]
The basic plot is that the 12 colonies of humans created ‘Cylons’ to aid them, but the Cylons turned on their creators. there was a huge war but that was over 40 years ago.
Meanwhile Battlestar Galactica is an old ship that fought in the original war and is currently in the process of being retired and turned into a museum. However there is a massive Cylon attack on several of the colonies and the battlestar, because of it more simple and gaurded technology/computer systems, is one of the only ships thqt can effectively fight back, so it’s taken back into the fight.
humanity is becoming extinct and we join the survivors to battle the cylon and escape.

This is certainly an exemplary bit of sci-fi. It’s in space but grounded firmly in modern reality – the crew feel like a navy/RAF type crew, the ships move the most realistically in space i’ve seen, the plot is detailed and had many twists and the characters were all grounded and very well formed.
it’s extremely intriguing and i can’t wait to watch the TV series now.



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