Tell me Why? I don’t Like Mondays {14/12/09}

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Another Monday rolls around the bend and slaps us in the face, but fear not – at least you’ve got something less ‘productive’ to do 😉

I hope you enjoy and have a great week

Deviantart of the Day

I’m a sucker for alien races and imaginative art, so I couldn’t resist linking you to this wonderful artist’s gallery. The alien races he makes up are beautifully thought out and executed.

Subnormality Webcomic

Here’s a couple of my favourite pages from the great (and surprisingly intelligent and well drawn) web-comic ‘subnormality’. Well worth a look.

Guidelines for Cats

I’m completely a cat person, but as any cat-lover will tell you, cats are gits. Heck, it’s one of the reasons we love ’em – what’s not endearing about something so utterly selfish, manipulative and superior? this cat’s-eye-guide is certainly a funny insight into how cats supposedly think

Motivation of the Day


Are you one of those people who love frequenting forums and, for no reason other than for the hell of it, will put up great walls of abstract text to make a picture? Yes, it’s a little (read: very) irritating, but you’ve got to admit it can be impressive. This tool allows you to upload a picture and turn it into one of these ‘typeorganisms’

Music of the Day

I love musicals, especially alternative ones. For example I was essentialy brought up on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then I was told about this horror musical called ‘Repo: the genetic Opera’ featuring none other than the amazing Anthony Stewart-head (of Buffy and Little Britain fame). Unfortunately I’ve yet to watch this seemingly epic film, but I did dig out a song form it that I’ve fallen in love with. Enjoy!

Shopping Spree

Battlestar Galactica Dog Tags

I can has Battlestar Galactica dogtags now plz? KTHANX!

Seriously, I love these. I also vote that in real life all square things should have their corners snipped off like they inexplicably do in the series. your thoughts?

Scarab Steampunk Bracelet

It has a scarab beetle on it and it’s steampunk…what’s not to like?

Quote of the Day

Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it -boldness has genius,power and magic in it. Begin it now.



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