Wicked Wednesday 15/12/09

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Only 10 days until xmas!


Art of the Day


A talented comic book artist for your viewing pleasure. Check out especially the ‘old west dark knight’ picture

Internet facts


The internet’s certainly a defining movement of the late 20th-21st century, and we can only theorise how historically significant it is.  This entertaining and somewhat mind-boggling image is proof of the effect it has on our lives with pure information density.

…I wonder how many of those tweets people actually read though? I’ll go with next to none -haha

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

Amazing short series by Joss Whedon. great concept, with some familiar faces you’re bound to love. Just follow the links in youtube for the whole mini-series. If you enjoyed the Buffy ‘once more with feeling’ episode, you’re bound to love this.

Super Emo Friends


Man, superhero plots are pretty repetitive, eh? Still very cute picture 🙂

Motivation of the Day

The Phenomenon of 2D love


A somewhat unsettling but infinitely interesting article on ‘2D love’ and how some otaku-style fans are getting so obsessed with their anime/game characters etc that they’re forsaking ‘3d’ real people for them. Surprisingly enlightening and fair article too, which is always good 🙂

[3 pages long]

‘Zing!’ – teen tries to get clever on his math test


Another great find over at I-am-bored.com The teacher’s comeback is great.

Music of the Day

Ooh two videos! Aren’t you lucky, lucky people? :p

On Wednesdays I play the RPG ‘Vampires: the Masquerade’ (oh yes, I have entered official geekdom, and I’m loving it!) – these are a couple of the songs from the soundtrack. the first one is awesome – but I’m a sucker for violins. the second one I just discovered and had to add since my very first character is a Malkavian (ie a crazy vampire) and I -think- this song is the Malkavian Clan theme tune. Correct me if I’m wrong. At any rate: enjoy!

‘Deception’ by the Cruxshadows

‘Lecher Bitch’ by Genitorturers

The Anticraft.com


For all you crafters out there (and I know you exist), check out this great snarky and alternative take on the hobby. Some cool free patterns and recipes. Also check out the forum, it’s populated by a great bunch of ladies (and the occasional gent) and is a good laugh.

Shopping Spree

Paperchase Stag


Paperchase, as a shop, is epic. But I couldn’t resist sticking up this Christmas decoration. It’s the the Frank N Furter of reindeer. Speaking of which…….

Frank N’ Furter Celebriduck


*Giggles immaturely* Love it!

Quote of the Day

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.


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Terrible Tuesday 15/12/09 MIA

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