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“Thank God Its Friday” Review: Fight Club

“The First Rule of fight club: you do not talk about fight club.
The second rule of fight club: you DO NOT talk about fight club.”

Name: Fight Club
Date: 1999
Writer & Director: directed by David Fincher Screenplay by Jim Uhls
Starring: Edward Norton, Helena Boham carter, Brad Pitt
DT’s Rating 9.5/10

Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who’ve ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off. ”


Fight Club has to be one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s widely regarded as a classic (or at least a cult classic), but I never got around to actually watching it before.
For me, the writing is what primarily draws me to a good film – the style and the writing skill and the characters. You get it with films like ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘The Green Mile’, where you lap it up and bathe in it as it navigates complex issues, dark humor and human nature.
Fight club is definitely one of those films. It’s pessimistic but eloquent, funny, has a brilliant way with words, visually lush (though somewhat dystopian) and is full of twists and surprises and alleyways of unusual interest that you’re never bored. What’s more, the characters are unusual and brilliantly realised, and the cinematography is clever and impressive.

‘The Narrator’ is an insomniac office worker, somewhat obsessed with catalogues and getting his life built up ‘just so’ as if it’s a collection. he’s detached and depressed, drifting through life. After advice form his Doctor to go to a testicular cancer group meeting (instead of being given pills to cure his insomnia), to see what ‘real suffering’ is like, he soon becomes obsessed with living a lie – drifting between support groups, addicted to the suffering, because in realising there’s nothing in life he can sleep.
there he meets an odd disjointed woman named Marla who appears to be similarly addicted to these suffering sessions, and his insomnia creeps up again as he can no longer get release.

Later, while travelling in a plane for work, he meets Tyler, an odd and charismatic soap salesmen. After his apartment is blown up out of the blue, he calls in Tyler to have somewhere to sleep and the two start a friendship. Tyler’s anarchic, optimistically-bleak outlook in life changes the Narrator;s life, and as the two live together they start up a ‘fight club’ – as in fighting they only feel alive.

When Tyler starts a sexual relationship with Marla, and as the fight club expands, things very very quickly get complicated. When the club becomes a vandalism-based semi-terrorist attack on corporate life, the Narrator feels pushed out by Tyler’s plans. When he demands more involvement and a member of the fight club dies as a result, Tyler disappears and he is forced to chase after him all over the country and he quickly descends the proverbial rabbit-hole to a revelation that will shake the very foundations of his life….

You’re probably not very up on pop culture if you don’t know what the twist to this classic film is, but if you don’t then you’ll love it – it’ll be excellent as a surprise. If you do, you should still enjoy it all the way through, because it’s brilliantly expressed and realised, plus you have the added fun of spotting the easter eggs and hints throughout the whole film.

In short a truly excellent film everyone should watch at least twice.


And finally one last quote:

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”


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Monday Moods 25/01/10

I’m free, darn it, free!
the essay is almost done, so soon i can relax πŸ˜€

To celebrate (as ever) here are some links to help make your Monday not suck πŸ˜‰

Art of the Day

Today i bring you to the wonderful Alexiuss. His gallery, on the whole, is absolutely epic. But, I also draw you specifically to his current comic series ‘Romantically apocalyptic’. It’s surreal, beautifully drawn/manipped and is funny and oddly life affirming (for me anyway) lol

Please do him justice and check out his whole gallery. It doesn’t dissapoint

Freddo & Pid’jin – Two evil Pidgeons. One World to End

I found this great webcomic while browsing around, and it kept me entertained all day. The characters are great, the art style is cool and just genrally very funny

7 Mind Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Works of Art

Awesome. I hope these are real

Motivation of the Day

Epic Tights

One for the ladies – check out these nifty original tight designs. i love what they can do with them nowadays πŸ˜€

Layered Worlds – epic paper art!

Wow, just wow. How do people come up with this? and so colourful!

Top 10 Places you can’t go in the world

Cool stuff. The Historian in me gets all twitchy about the Vatican archives. Mhmm archives… lol

And, of course, there’s always Area 51 :p

Music of the Day

Biffy Clryo – Born on a Horse

I know i’ve mentioned this song in my music post earlier, but I literally have not had more than an occasional hour or two when this hasn’t been in my head constantly from since I bought this album a week ago. I love the funky music and the odd lyrics. I need an exorcism! lol
So here it is. I hope you like πŸ˜‰

Craft Corner

Cubee Templates

Not so much a shopping spree today as a Craft Corner. Here you can make something neat for yourself – A cubee! there’s a load of these templates floating around on the internet, especially on deviantart, but they’d a fun and easy thing to do when you’re bored. Make one of your favourite characters. Have fun!

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“Thank God It’s Friday” Review ~ South Park Imaginationland

Name: South Park – the imaginationland trilogy
Certificate: 15 – definitely not for kids. has some sick and graphic (but hilarious) jokes in it…but thsi is south park after all
Genre: Adult cartoon/ comedy
Notes: The dvd has 2 bonus episodes on them that make the episode make sense more. the ‘christmas critters’ one is especially good icon_biggrin.gif
DT’s Rating 9/10

Summary from here

In the latest season (Season 11), one of their triumphs was the three parter β€œImaginationland.” It starts with Cartman getting Kyle to sign a contract suggesting if he sees a leprechaun and can prove it exists, Kyle will have to suck his balls. When the boys of South Park actually do catch one, it starts both threads of the three parter, 1) there’s a place called Imaginationland and it’s under attack, and Cartman is desperate to get Kyle to suck his balls.

In imaginationland is everything humans have ever dreamed up, from Santa to Jesus to Totoro to the Smurfs, to every pop culture reference you can catch. A bunch of the boys are taken there, but terrorists have attacked it, and start ruining our imagination. The government finds out about this and tries to get there as well, which involves kidnapping Kyle and Stan right before Cartman gets Kyle to suck his balls due to a judge telling Kyle to man up to his contract.

The terrorists unleash the evil side of imagination, which prepares for a battle against the good side, and the baddies include Alien, Predator, Freddy, Manbearpig, and the Woodland Critters.


I’m gradually getting back into South Park after a long absence, but I have to say I love it. This episode is especially good – it’s crisply animated while still retaining the Southpark feel, and the story is great. the jokes are fast and almost always hit the nail on the head funny wise, and the pop cultures come thick and fast. It’s a crude as ever, and some of the darker jokes are pretty sick, but in cartoon form it’s hilarious.

I thoroughly recommend it

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Wednesday Wilderness 20/01/10

Man, I’m still not used to typing in 2010 into the dates.

Do you ever get that? Where it takes you half the year to get into the routine of actually remembering what the year-date is. I’ve usually only just learnt it by the time the Next New Year rolls round.

I vote for longer years. Let’s all move to Jupiter! Booyah πŸ˜‰

Aaaanyway. This week I came across a great site called, so a couple of links today are from there. I thoroughly encourage you to check it out – list articles are like crack for me, and most of them are genuinely really interesting and funny.

Also, we’re back to the Doctor Who motivational posters. There’s just so darn many good ones!

And finally, as if you’re not geeked out enough already, I found this awesome picture. Use it with pride, for Patrick Stewart is the epitome of awesome.

Have a great week!

Art of the Day

Some photography for you today – I just loved the clarity and the lush detail in Natasha Lawe’s photography of Historical figures with a modern twist – it’s a great concept and wonderfully executed. Her portfolio on her personal gallery (the 2nd link) is also pretty impressive across the board – she’s got some lovely stuff.

Cute Things Exploding

Not REALLY exploding. Promise πŸ˜‰Β  But you know all those irritating ‘cute’ internet memes? Wouldn’t it just be fund if you could just explode a couple of the critters just for the heck of it? Yes? No?
Well we’re going to anyway :pΒ  Just a bit of fun *evil cackle*

Top 10 Very Unfortunate X-Rays

Ooooh…ouch! It’s fascinating what the human body can take.

Motivation of the Day

People’s War Stories (BBC) – The Gay Soldier’s Story

The Historian in me couldn’t help but put this up – it’s a fascinating insight into what it was like to be a gay soldier serving in WW2. Short and sweet and not what you might initially think.

10 Surprisingly Human Famous People

Following the Historical trend….I just love this. Even famous people are just people deep down.

Music of the Day

Tool -Stinkfist

As much as I’ve heard about them, I’ve never actually listened to Tool, but I finally got around to it and I’ve got to say I’m impressed πŸ™‚ Plus this video is so delightfully creepy.

Shopping Spree

Pop Flower Shop

I found these over at RareBirdFinds and I really quite like them. It’s a nice alternative to fake flowers, and they even can come in DIY kits πŸ˜€

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Tuesday Tunes!

Welcome, welcome!
Work is tight, as ever, and when stuff gets me down i love to listen to music, so i thought I’d jazz it up a little today and have a change in pace by having a whole post dedicated to epic tunes πŸ˜€

First and foremost, here are 3 of the CDs I bought this week [all hail student loans!] and some of the best tracks on them.

Then there’s a big ol’ list of all teh band I’m into. I’ve linked each one to my favourite song form them, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it and discover something new. I’d love to hear your comments.

Have a great week!


DT’s Newest Albums

#1 – ‘the Betrayed’ – lostprophet’s new album

The light that burns twice as bright — beautiful song

Where we belong – this song just makes me feel happy icon_smile.gif

Its not the end of the world (but i can see it from here)

#2 – ‘Only revolutions’ – by Biffy Clyro [excellent stuff]
I love Biffy Clyro’s newer stuff. It’s alternative, the lyrics are always great, and I love love love their Scottish accents icon_smile.gif

the golden rule – my fave song

Born on a horse – i love it cos of the lyrics and how unusual it is
I pronounce it Al-u-mi-ni-um, ’cause there’s an I next to the U and M / now write it down slowly and read it out fast. / she’s got eyes, preposterous eyes. / I’ve never had a lover who’s my sister or my brother before

Know your Quarry – a slower very beautiful song. again absoluetly beautiful lyrics
When I was young, I first encountered my crippled lungs./ I felt them burn and cursed them ever since./ I was turning blue in a match right in front of you/ and I slithered to the floor. Hope I score some more.

#3 – ‘the Fame’ – by lady gaga

Paparazzi – a surprisingly pretty song at the chorus

Just dance

Music = ❀

These are all of my favourite bands, in no particular order – they’re all excellent, so check em out!

Got any suggestions? Slam ’em down in the comments πŸ™‚

–Normal Rock–

AFI , My Chemical Romance, LostProphets, the killers, nickelback, black stone cherry, the blackout, the darkness, fall out boy, hoobastank, kids in glass houses, you and me at six, kill hannah, madina lake, metro station, panic at the disco, paramore, queens of the stone age, red hot chili peppers, shinedown, seether, theory of a deadman

-Gothic Rock–
HIM i am ghost, evanescanese, within temptation, nightwish, cruxadows, jakalope, lacuna coil, staind

–Nu Metal–

Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Linkin Park,rammstein, marilyn manson


system of a down, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, stone sour, slipknot, killswitch engage,


Muse, The Trax, Biffy Clyro, Arctic Monkeys, eminem, flogging molly, the fratellis, johnny cash, REM, slaves to gravity, tenacious D


The Prodigy, Pendulum, Hadouken


Madonna, Queen, Michael Jackson, Gary Numan , Toyah Wilcox, deff leppard, meatloaf


Rhianna, La Roux, Take that,
Five, dido, gnarls barkley, james blunt, katy perry, lilly allen, kate nash, robbie williams, scissor sisters, texas, melanic C


beehoven, gustov holst

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Thank God it’s Friday Review ~ The Boat That Rocked

[ Sorry for not updating as frequently as hoped. I’m having a bit of a turbulent time with my uni-work. All will be well soon πŸ˜‰ ]

Name: The Boat That Rocked
American Release name: Pirate Radio
Date: 1st April 2009 (UK) 13th Nov 2009 (US)
Genre: Comedy
Writer & Director: Richard Curtis (4 weddings and a funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jone’s diary, Love Actually, Blackadder, the Vicar of Dibley)
Wikipedia: here (contains spoilers)
DT’s Rating 8/10

Richard Curtis is, quite simply, a legend – having written some of the best British films and sitcoms of our age.
[seriously, if you haven’t seen any of the credits listed to his name above, promptly slap yourself and go watch them. NOW. They’re hilarious and heartwarming. DO IT! icon_razz.gif]
Therefore, when I learned that this was written and directed by him, I really looked forwards to seeing it – and I was not disappointed at all icon_smile.gif
In my ‘research; (ho-hum) I was surprised to find that it absolutely flopped at the cinema and the box office (which somewhat explains why it’s on DVD so quick), and lemme tell you now – it’s completely unjustified. The Script is hilarious in places, the characters are vibrant, colourful and heartwarming, and the setting is great even though it does take somewhat a loose and very characterised stance on the history behind it’s plot….but it’s all in good fun.

In 1966 it’s the golden era of pop music and rock n’ roll….but the only accepted radio station is the BBC, which plays less than half an hour of that kind of music a day. Consequently many pirate radio stations have popped up to try and fill the gap – broadcasting form boats in the sea so as to get through the legal loopholes and broadcast. Over 25 million people tune into the most successful ‘Radio Rock’ and the stiff and boring government is not happy.

The story’s not particularly realistic even if the historical basis is very real – and it all comes down to sex, rock n’ roll and having a great time vs the over-the-top old-man-style disapproval of the government suits….but if you view the film as just a bit of fun (as it was intended) then you’re sure to love it. All the good stuff of what makes Richard Curtis great are there in spades, and it’s supported by an excellent cast of British actors – there’s countless familiar faces icon_biggrin.gif

In short – great stuff and lots of fun. Well worth a watch for anyone, especially fans of the 60s.


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Turbulent Tuesdays

Well, I’m supposed to be getting started on this big essay and, true to form, I come here to procrastinate πŸ˜‰
Hopefully I’ll share some of my wanderings with you too.


Art of the Day

By the illustrator Russ Mills – I love these graffiti style pieces of work. They capture the form of the human face and body in a deliciously abstract and vibrant way. Lovely stuff.

Your Argument is

Tee hee.. I love online ‘motivational’ posters, and this is a great collection of some of the most random. Feel free to whip these out whenever you’re in an argument you’re not gonna win.

The Worst Birthday Cakes Ever

Some of these are pretty damn bad, but kudos for the creativity!

Motivation of the Day

Do-It-Yourself Designs

Lots of creative and surprisingly professional ideas for DIY in your home. Even if you’re not feeling particularly crafty or handy, there’s some great pictures of other people’s creativity here. For example check out some of teh awesome exterior house paintings, or the pretty recycled wood-wine-box-light ideas.

Ultra Violet Tattooing

As far as body modification trends go, I think this is pretty awesome. The skeleton one looks amazing. Plu it seems practical to me – to have a tattoo you can’t always see (or see as well as normal, I should say) – it solves the age old problem of people getting sick of tattoos when they’re old.

15 Funniest Facebook Fails

Always use Facebook with caution. Ah, let the cringing begin…

Music of the day

HyperactiveThomas Dolby

A very fun song form the 80s, even if the video is bizarre as hell lol

Shopping Spree

I found this awesome little site called ‘spoonflower’ where you can pick up custom fabrics and even make your own designs. There’s some great stuff there. I’m always attracted to making my won clothes (or at least acessories) but i usually find when you go into standard fabric stores you either have plain and boring stuff, stuff that’s way too expensive, or granny’s-curtains style patterns. They even sometimes have doll templates straight onto the fabric. This site is a great idea πŸ˜€

Quote of the Day

Your world is made of your memories, and your memories are given to you by your world. The whispering voice of happenstance is always in our ears. ‘This is the world. This is the way things are. Look. Pay attention. Remember.’

‘Real Live Preacher

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