“Thank God It’s Friday” Review ~ Preacher, Gone to Texas

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Happy New Year!

And happy Friday 😀

This week I’ll be taking a look at the graphic novel ‘Preacher’ Volume 1 – Gone to Texas

Preacher – Gone to Texas (vol 1)
Type: Graphic Novel (West) – DC Comics ‘Vertigo’
Author/artists: Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon (with cover art by Glenn Fabry)
Certificate: 18 – (very adult with language and graphic violence )
Genre: Supernatural/ horror / ‘modern western’ / crime/thriller
DT’s Rating: 8/10 ~ (but looks very promising)

Recently I’ve been determined to get back into western comics. I used to read Spiderman very infrequently as a kid (I watched the cartoon mainly and got the comic-form stories via the yearly annuals), but since I moved into manga I haven’t looked back, since I was a little sick of common cheesy superhero stuff. But then someone on deviantart recommended Preacher, and then the new watchmen film came out, so i promptly decided to check them both out and ordered the graphic novels off amazon.
The first to arrive was Preacher, and I wasn’t disappointed.
The art is ,admittedly, as I had expected – your classic western Marvel/DC comics type stuff, so it’ll hardly inspire me to throw my love of the asian style to the wind – but it’s good nonetheless and particularily decent at dealing with the grotesque. The volume I got also had the great bonus of many cover pages done by the excellent artist Glenn Fabry – a comic artist you should defiantly check out for great style and use of colour. Yet again often gritty and grotesque, but brilliant.
And gritty and grotesque go with the plot. This is 100% an adult comic, with gratuitous and over-the-top violence, unsettling serial killers, more F-words than you can shake a stick at and (since this is set in deep texas) and good few of the big ‘N’s in there too. If you’re unused to it it could put you off, but once you get used to it it still manages to shock without sending you snapping the pages shut. Plus it has the excellent prop of a great story and characters.
Now ‘gone to texas’ is the first in what I think is a 7 part series, so there’s only so much you can say about the plot and character at this early stage, but i will say that they’re defiantly a good read. The story blends very gritty realism and dark humanity with supernatural stories of Heaven, a demon-angel creature named ‘Genesis’ and a God gone missing. Humor is firmly laced thought, be it in the form of a jet black chuckle, a visually slapstick surprise or an ironic smirk. The script writing between the three protegonists -(jesse the fallen preacher and receptacle of ‘genesis’, tulip his ex-girlfriend and Cassidy the Irish vampire) – is excellent, and even the minor characters are well rounded and engaging. None of them are heroes, but they can be heroic, and the villains are truly scary.

This volume opens up many questions still to be answered, while having its own smaller plots that rise and conclude also.

It meshes various genres and storylines together into a compelling and entertaining read, and is defiantly worth a look if you’re looking for a more ‘grown up’ graphic novel. The more I re-read it the more it engages to me, and I’m looking forwards to when I save up my pennies to buy the next volume icon_smile.gif



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