Wednesday Wonderland 06/01/2010

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Art Of the Day

A very talented artist – I love the detail and colour. Check it out 😉

25 Best Country Song Titles of all Time

Oh lord some of these are retarded. I think my favourite is “She’s Actin’ Single and I’m Drinkin’ Doubles”

30 Dumb Inventions

These being in old black and white pictures somehow make them all the more awesome.

Motivation of the Day

For the Ladies – Hugh Jackman

One of the things I’ve noticed with the best humor/random internet websites is that they’re aimed at guys, so god bless the ‘’ (the chive’s sister site) for adding a touch of femininity with their eye-candy galleries. It’s better than the load of nondescript bubble-boobed ladies you usually get :p
And what excellent taste too, even if there is a marked absence of his Van-Helsing look in this gallery.
Which reminds me, I want the machine-gun crossbow he uses in that film…

Music of the Day


A good few videos of jakalope – a pretty neat feminineelctronicy-pop-rock band 😉

Why the F**k Did you Have a Kid?

Ok, Ok, It’s a little harsh. And I’m all for kids for everyone but still, some of these parents are….I mean…crikey.


Adult Swim

We don’t get Adult Swim over in the UK (to my knowledge anyway), which sucks. But I’ve recently gotten completely addicted to it via (or the .com version)

Namely ‘Harvey Birdman’  (above link)

and Robot Chicken (part of the star wars special below)

Shopping Spree


I love the innovative and yet simple and flexible fashion items in here. Like the multiway ‘snuggle’ tops or the tapered skirt-like trousers for men and women. Very nice stuff.

Quote of the Day

[since it was a Doctor Who motivation…]

The Doctor: Don’t drop the banana!
Jack: Why not?
The Doctor: Good source of potassium!


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    Very nice post and kudo to this interesting comment, i also subscribed your RSS feeds for more updates.


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