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Well, I’m supposed to be getting started on this big essay and, true to form, I come here to procrastinate 😉
Hopefully I’ll share some of my wanderings with you too.


Art of the Day


By the illustrator Russ Mills – I love these graffiti style pieces of work. They capture the form of the human face and body in a deliciously abstract and vibrant way. Lovely stuff.

Your Argument is Invalid.com


Tee hee.. I love online ‘motivational’ posters, and this is a great collection of some of the most random. Feel free to whip these out whenever you’re in an argument you’re not gonna win.

The Worst Birthday Cakes Ever


Some of these are pretty damn bad, but kudos for the creativity!

Motivation of the Day

Do-It-Yourself Designs


Lots of creative and surprisingly professional ideas for DIY in your home. Even if you’re not feeling particularly crafty or handy, there’s some great pictures of other people’s creativity here. For example check out some of teh awesome exterior house paintings, or the pretty recycled wood-wine-box-light ideas.

Ultra Violet Tattooing


As far as body modification trends go, I think this is pretty awesome. The skeleton one looks amazing. Plu it seems practical to me – to have a tattoo you can’t always see (or see as well as normal, I should say) – it solves the age old problem of people getting sick of tattoos when they’re old.

15 Funniest Facebook Fails


Always use Facebook with caution. Ah, let the cringing begin…

Music of the day

HyperactiveThomas Dolby

A very fun song form the 80s, even if the video is bizarre as hell lol

Shopping Spree


I found this awesome little site called ‘spoonflower’ where you can pick up custom fabrics and even make your own designs. There’s some great stuff there. I’m always attracted to making my won clothes (or at least acessories) but i usually find when you go into standard fabric stores you either have plain and boring stuff, stuff that’s way too expensive, or granny’s-curtains style patterns. They even sometimes have doll templates straight onto the fabric. This site is a great idea 😀

Quote of the Day

Your world is made of your memories, and your memories are given to you by your world. The whispering voice of happenstance is always in our ears. ‘This is the world. This is the way things are. Look. Pay attention. Remember.’

‘Real Live Preacher


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