Thank God it’s Friday Review ~ The Boat That Rocked

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[ Sorry for not updating as frequently as hoped. I’m having a bit of a turbulent time with my uni-work. All will be well soon 😉 ]

Name: The Boat That Rocked
American Release name: Pirate Radio
Date: 1st April 2009 (UK) 13th Nov 2009 (US)
Genre: Comedy
Writer & Director: Richard Curtis (4 weddings and a funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jone’s diary, Love Actually, Blackadder, the Vicar of Dibley)
Wikipedia: here (contains spoilers)
DT’s Rating 8/10

Richard Curtis is, quite simply, a legend – having written some of the best British films and sitcoms of our age.
[seriously, if you haven’t seen any of the credits listed to his name above, promptly slap yourself and go watch them. NOW. They’re hilarious and heartwarming. DO IT! icon_razz.gif]
Therefore, when I learned that this was written and directed by him, I really looked forwards to seeing it – and I was not disappointed at all icon_smile.gif
In my ‘research; (ho-hum) I was surprised to find that it absolutely flopped at the cinema and the box office (which somewhat explains why it’s on DVD so quick), and lemme tell you now – it’s completely unjustified. The Script is hilarious in places, the characters are vibrant, colourful and heartwarming, and the setting is great even though it does take somewhat a loose and very characterised stance on the history behind it’s plot….but it’s all in good fun.

In 1966 it’s the golden era of pop music and rock n’ roll….but the only accepted radio station is the BBC, which plays less than half an hour of that kind of music a day. Consequently many pirate radio stations have popped up to try and fill the gap – broadcasting form boats in the sea so as to get through the legal loopholes and broadcast. Over 25 million people tune into the most successful ‘Radio Rock’ and the stiff and boring government is not happy.

The story’s not particularly realistic even if the historical basis is very real – and it all comes down to sex, rock n’ roll and having a great time vs the over-the-top old-man-style disapproval of the government suits….but if you view the film as just a bit of fun (as it was intended) then you’re sure to love it. All the good stuff of what makes Richard Curtis great are there in spades, and it’s supported by an excellent cast of British actors – there’s countless familiar faces icon_biggrin.gif

In short – great stuff and lots of fun. Well worth a watch for anyone, especially fans of the 60s.



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