Wednesday Wilderness 20/01/10

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Man, I’m still not used to typing in 2010 into the dates.

Do you ever get that? Where it takes you half the year to get into the routine of actually remembering what the year-date is. I’ve usually only just learnt it by the time the Next New Year rolls round.

I vote for longer years. Let’s all move to Jupiter! Booyah šŸ˜‰

Aaaanyway. This week I came across a great site called, so a couple of links today are from there. I thoroughly encourage you to check it out – list articles are like crack for me, and most of them are genuinely really interesting and funny.

Also, we’re back to the Doctor Who motivational posters. There’s just so darn many good ones!

And finally, as if you’re not geeked out enough already, I found this awesome picture. Use it with pride, for Patrick Stewart is the epitome of awesome.

Have a great week!

Art of the Day

Some photography for you today – I just loved the clarity and the lush detail in Natasha Lawe’s photography of Historical figures with a modern twist – it’s a great concept and wonderfully executed. Her portfolio on her personal gallery (the 2nd link) is also pretty impressive across the board – she’s got some lovely stuff.

Cute Things Exploding

Not REALLY exploding. Promise šŸ˜‰Ā  But you know all those irritating ‘cute’ internet memes? Wouldn’t it just be fund if you could just explode a couple of the critters just for the heck of it? Yes? No?
Well we’re going to anyway :pĀ  Just a bit of fun *evil cackle*

Top 10 Very Unfortunate X-Rays

Ooooh…ouch! It’s fascinating what the human body can take.

Motivation of the Day

People’s War Stories (BBC) – The Gay Soldier’s Story

The Historian in me couldn’t help but put this up – it’s a fascinating insight into what it was like to be a gay soldier serving in WW2. Short and sweet and not what you might initially think.

10 Surprisingly Human Famous People

Following the Historical trend….I just love this. Even famous people are just people deep down.

Music of the Day

Tool -Stinkfist

As much as I’ve heard about them, I’ve never actually listened to Tool, but I finally got around to it and I’ve got to say I’m impressed šŸ™‚ Plus this video is so delightfully creepy.

Shopping Spree

Pop Flower Shop

I found these over at RareBirdFinds and I really quite like them. It’s a nice alternative to fake flowers, and they even can come in DIY kits šŸ˜€


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