“Thank God It’s Friday” Review ~ South Park Imaginationland

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Name: South Park – the imaginationland trilogy
Certificate: 15 – definitely not for kids. has some sick and graphic (but hilarious) jokes in it…but thsi is south park after all
Genre: Adult cartoon/ comedy
Notes: The dvd has 2 bonus episodes on them that make the episode make sense more. the ‘christmas critters’ one is especially good icon_biggrin.gif
DT’s Rating 9/10

Summary from here

In the latest season (Season 11), one of their triumphs was the three parter “Imaginationland.” It starts with Cartman getting Kyle to sign a contract suggesting if he sees a leprechaun and can prove it exists, Kyle will have to suck his balls. When the boys of South Park actually do catch one, it starts both threads of the three parter, 1) there’s a place called Imaginationland and it’s under attack, and Cartman is desperate to get Kyle to suck his balls.

In imaginationland is everything humans have ever dreamed up, from Santa to Jesus to Totoro to the Smurfs, to every pop culture reference you can catch. A bunch of the boys are taken there, but terrorists have attacked it, and start ruining our imagination. The government finds out about this and tries to get there as well, which involves kidnapping Kyle and Stan right before Cartman gets Kyle to suck his balls due to a judge telling Kyle to man up to his contract.

The terrorists unleash the evil side of imagination, which prepares for a battle against the good side, and the baddies include Alien, Predator, Freddy, Manbearpig, and the Woodland Critters.


I’m gradually getting back into South Park after a long absence, but I have to say I love it. This episode is especially good – it’s crisply animated while still retaining the Southpark feel, and the story is great. the jokes are fast and almost always hit the nail on the head funny wise, and the pop cultures come thick and fast. It’s a crude as ever, and some of the darker jokes are pretty sick, but in cartoon form it’s hilarious.

I thoroughly recommend it


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