Post Birthday Link bananza!

23/02/2010 at 10:51 pm 1 comment

Welll here I am. 21 – older but not particularily wiser…maybe.
Looks like well have to see.

but until then, here’s some more kickass links and whatnot for you to enjoy 😉

Art of the Day


Great illustratiosn her e- especially the darker mario parodies. Nice stuff.

10 Most Bizarre Comic Books


Some of the comcis in this list are utterly random, but interetsing. Just shows how far the medium can be stretched, I want o read some of these now out of morbid curiosity, especially the Star trek-X-men Crossover lol

One argument for DVD Piracy

check it out

Personally I’m nto a fan of DVd piracy (for one the products are shitty) BUT you cant blame people when you see this. I mean, seriously. funny hwo the paying customers are the ones who get all the bullshit. Pick up your game, government peoples!

Unlikely Survival Guide:

So you’ve been challenged to a duel

One of the funniest articles i’ve read on cracked for a long time. had me giggling no end. Enjoy!

Motivation of the Day

Kodachrome Curtains

How nifty!

i just thought these were a great idea (if you have these kodachrome things fo course) and they actually look pretty neat

Some Really Surprising Animal facts

Cows…dealier than sharks

I love animals and i love random factlets…what’s not to love?

Speaking of random facts….

10 Symbols Whose Origins Have Been Forgotten

for the social historians among you

Interesting stuff 🙂

Music of the day

Emilie Autumn – Castle

Shopping Spree

Tee Invaders


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A little something for the weekend. “Thank God Its (Almost) Friday Review” ~ Repo! The Genetic Opera

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  • 1. Abbey  |  22/05/2010 at 11:49 pm

    how can you be possible to keep write something that is so rich and beautiful yet melancholy in a way.,Cabot


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