Monday Motivator 01/03/’10

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Hm, I like this new decade we seem to have. It means that when I post ’10 I can pretend it’s 1910 and I’ve gone back in time, (yet somehow have my laptop with me).

I wonder, do the physical laws of space and time apply to the internet?

My brain’s fuzzy today. You might notice -haha

At any rate, we have somewhat of a bumper issue for you today, so I hope you enjoy and it gets you off to a good start this week 😉

Art of the Day


I love the little ‘day of the dead’ baby-skulls she’s got going here. Nice decorative little bits and bobs in her ‘project’ section, not to mention nifty tattoo designs.

Monster Autopsy

Know your enemy

A great little site showing the anatomy of your famous Japanese monsters. Just check out Godzilla’s teeny weeny brain. Aww.

Chad Vader

How to Live to be 100

Just follow this handy guide

The guys over at I am found this nifty guide on how to statistically have the best chances of living to be 100. Pretty nifty, there is hope for us after all!. Though green tea is gross….

And, to start you on your way to becoming a centenarian, here’s some motivation:

Motivation of the Day

Your Rant for today…

Plagiarism in his new manga of Bleach by Gene Simmon’s son.

oh dear.  Still, everyone loves a good old fashioned witch-hunt

How to Outsmart Ninjas

This had me giggling like a loon

Once again, thankyou I am! It’s a crime that these aren’t being put on T-shirts somewhere…

Darth Vader Being a Smart-Arse

Local dad only speaks Klingon to son for 3 years

good or bad?

Interesting stuff form a linguistic perspective of course

Find Sounds

Search the web for sounds

Useful for any of you who like to make videos or interactive art/games. Hope it comes in handy.

Music of the Day

Mumford and Sons – Roll Away Your Stone

Craft Corner

Sublime Stitching

A nice site for any embroiders among you. Cute stuff, kits, books and textiles.


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