Thursday Thunder 04/03/10

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I only expected to update the blog once or twice a week recently (1 list, 1 review), but i found so many nifty links recently that I couldn’t wait  to show ’em you. So here we are to set you up for the weekend – enjoy!

Art of the Day


There’s just something about Humon’s characters that I fall in love with, she just seems to make them so well and give them so much charisma. it’s great finding out about them and the art is lovely too – well worth a look.

People of Walmart

Every country has it’s awesome weirdos

I literally spent hours on this site a couple of days ago. It’s quite famous on the ‘net nowadays, but in case you missed it, seriously check this out. For some reason it makes me happy about humanity – the more we fail, the more awesome we are haha. It’s like ‘FRUITS’ harajuku fashion…but with hillbillies instead.

Photoshop Disasters

hang your head in shame, digital age

Another site that’s fairly well known, but for good reason. Many giggles to be had at the photoshop inadequacy from professional companies.

Holi 2010

The Indian festival of colour

What a wonderful festival! And these photographs of it are just gorgeous. I want to be there.

Motivation of the Day

Dharma Quotes & Teachings

Because the Dalai Lama is awesome

We all need a little spiritual inspiration after all.

Fascinating Rare & Vintage Celebrirty Pictures

For some reason it makes me smile

It’s like taking a little journey through pop culture history, while also offering a more intimate picture of these famous faces. Really cool

The People’s Mario

I have you know, Mario is actually badass

An awesome if somewhat unsettling take on Mario >:D

Music of the Day


The Gorrilaz are a real nostalgia band for me – one of the few bands that were around when I got at the age when I started buying my own Cds. And i’ve got to admit i quite like this song and most of all I love the animation of the Gorrilaz in this cool video. Plus the guy in it looks so much like Bruce Willis, even if it isn’t him i’ll pretend it is, cos Bruce Willis is awesome :p

Dilbert Webcomic

Funny stuff, esp if you work in an office

Dilbert’s pretty famous, I seem to see these strips on calendars everywhere, but I didn’t realise they were online too. So here you go – enjoy

“Get Out”

A beautifully done French animation

A great (if slightly scary at times) French animation that is very well done, interesting and has a great surprise ending – well worth a watch

300 Love Letters

Just click on the squares

For the romantically inclined or those who are ‘socially curious’ (read: nosey lol) – interesting stuff

Leonardo da Vinci Artwork Pictures

Because he’s cool

Craft Corner

So you think you’re crafty?

A cool site that has all sorts of pretty craft projects for you to try. Why not check out these kitchen projects?

Quote of the Day


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