Thursday Fun 11/03/10

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Well, i’m back from my lecture and thought I’d drop in and give you this week’s lovely list before I have to crack on with my dissertation is on.

I’m also listening to my radio at the moment: i’d forgotten how nice it was just to let the music wash over me, especially when you have no control over it, and i love the banter. Maybe i’m just happy because the sun is shining here, it always makes me feel more content. Hm.

Anyways, enjoy the gradual end to your weeks, i hope you enjoy the turning of the seasons 😉

Art of the Day

I don’t like flying around the word ‘whimsicle’, but I suppose if I were to use it, I would put it to these lovely pieces of art. They’re just pleasant and pretty, light and yet at times dark and reminiscent of very well done childrens-book illustrations. Nice stuff.

Kamakura Snow Festival

In Yokote

The little candles in the ‘kamkara’ are just beautiful at night. I want to go there.

Star Trek – How it Should have Ended

Thanks to I am Bored for this find. It made me giggle.

Crazy Rabbit

Awesome Interactive Application

Motivation of the Day

Pet Punk  Pillow

Awesome pillow design

This site is just generally full of pretty cool things, check it out.


Learn Anything

I love being crafty and DIY stuff, and this site is brimming with ideas and instructions for doing and making just about anything, whether it’s a carebear costume for you kid by gutting a toy bear (somewhat disturbing when you think about it t0o) or whether it’s making weird tech like a crazy computer mouse, a keyboard rubick’s cube, or even crayola-shaped rockets!

Music of the Day

Tool – The Pot

The Best Car Acessory EVER

EVER! Seriously.

10 Residents of the Capuchin Catacombs

Creepy or Fascinating? You decide.

Why do I always seem to be drawn to corpses? I mean, to me, these are fascinating, especially form a historical perspective. I adore oddities, and the fact that this place exists at all is brilliantly weird. Read some of the stories of the people entombed inside…

Craft Corner

Panda Bread

I’m not entirely sure how appetising this is, but it looks awesome.

Shopping Spree

Rare Bird Finds – some nifty things to buy

Thanks to the ever wonderful for drawing my attention to these great items.

Kilt Beach Towel

This is both useful and epically awesome! Every guy wants to wear a kilt secretly…right? Well, they can now! :p

Mamas Little Babies – Shop

I adore this shop – the vintage looking designs are just gorgeous. unfortunately the bee bracelet I adore is sold out, but there’s still loads of wonderful jewellery finds. The prices aren’t bad, either.

Quote of the Day

What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

{Oscar Wilde}


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