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Warning to people with extreme Arachnaphobia : This list has a pic of a big spider in it. It’s just what shows up on the youtube video preview, I can’t help it. Just giving you a heads up if even pictures freak you out.

Anyways, I was going to save this for later on in the week, but when I find things I love to share them as soon as I can, and this seemed a hefty enough list that it could keep you entertained over the weekend, so here it is. I hope you enjoy.
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Happy Weekend!

Art of the Day

Juri Ueda

I am just in love with these pretty little water colours. Dreamy, cute, colourful and beautiful.

Awesome Old Lady

Keepin’ it Real

It is officially my aim in life to be as cool as this old lady when I reach her age.

Folktales from Japan

I love the story of the Mirror

The Thumb Print Tree

What a nifty idea!

I lovely idea for a guestbook at a wedding or christening or something. And very nciely executed in the pictures, though I imagine that it’s not a good thing to have all your guests with green inky thumbs near the white dress of the bride – haha


Not for arachnaphobes. THIS is why I can’t bring myself to go to Australia. THIS. (And the money thing…as in, i have none :p) . At any rate, I found this entertaining. It’s all well and good doing the Steve Irwin schtick  and going on about the beauty of spiders, because when things go to pot we all react the same. Spoiler: This hasn’t got a happy ending  -haha

And for the record, yes spiders are beautiful. But so are lions and alligators. I would keep a distance from them too.

I has a hotdog

The LOLcats cousins

Don’t judge meee! So far as they are somewhat mind-numbing in large quantities, in small doses i have to admit I like the lolcats and loldogs. It’s like cheap wine :p

Some of the captions are geuinly witty. So yes, now i’ve made my excuses, feel free to trawl this dog-version 😉

Motivation of the Day

Ah, I love the Big Bang Theory…

New Moon

The videogame

My sister’ll probably kill me for this, but it’s so true. Now I quite like the books, in their own way, but even I was irritated by the ott emo of book #2. So this made me giggle.

Change the Channel

Tv Review Blog

I love Tv (who doesn’t?) and this blog has loads of detailed, well written and entertaining reviews on lots of different programmes.

Music of the Day

Rammstein – Feuer Frei!

The Five Stages of Ageing


Welll ageing is a part of life. This made me giggle:  Things you should maybe cut back on [in] old age  “F*** it. you made it this far, right?”


Free Literature and Study Guides

Another site where you can read some books online for free. Because reading is cool, yo.

Craft Corner

Pitagora’s Handbag

A free pattern to make a simple and nice looking handbag.

Shopping Spree

Finest Imaginary – Shop

A colourful shop selling lots of nicely designed and cute things. What’s not to like?

Quote of the Day

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”

~Oscar Wilde


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