Monday Moves 15/03/10

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Art of the Day

[website] [deviantart]

Digital fantasy art at some of it’s best. ❤ On deviantart remember to click gallery and check out ‘scraps’ too.

Amazing Album Cover Compilations

Mix and Match

I’ve seen a good few of these types of things around the ‘net recently’. Such as people using album covers as parts of their own body/scenes. But i think this my favourite kind – taking it away from normal people and putting multiples albums together to create awesome collages. Great stuff.

The Charelston To Daft Punk


Why don’t people dance like this anymore? It’s awesome. Modern ‘musicians’ (and i use the term loosely for the pop artists who tend to do this anyway) should stop raping Michael Jackson’s dance moves for a while and do something like thsi for a change in pace. I’d rather see something more original rather than a carbon copy of MJ’s former awesomeness. [/end rant lol]

Motivation of the Day

40 Clever Advertising Campaigns of McDonald’s

Gotta love good ol’ ‘Maccy-D’

Some of these are really clever and well done. But then again they are a multi-billion dollar corporation. You’d hope that they could at least pay for some good advertising, wouldn’t you?

Gallery of Movie and Video Wall clocks

“I find your Tardiness Disturbing”

Some of these are awesome, though i dunno if I’d have them in my house -haha I especially like the Darth Vader one, and the ones that have tiny Star Wars and Star Trek ships on them.

Music of the Day

The Kooks – She moves in her own way

Text to Speech

I found this oddly entertaining. You type in words and the avatar speaks to you surprisingly well. They even have different accents you can choose. Simple as that.

Red Planet


I adore space and planets and all that Jazz. These photos of Mars are just stunning.

Shopping Spree


A great site for all your geeky needs 🙂

Quote of the Day

“Hitler was a few hugs short of a carebear” ~ Feuer_Frei!! @


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