Guess who’s back? So here’s a list ;)

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Hi, i’m back from my weekend in Lincioln (which was great fun by the way. Check out my gallery for photos of the awesome Cathedral)  and I have a bumper Link-List post for y’all. So grab a cup of tea (or whatever floats your boat), sit back, and enjoy your procrastination.

Peace ~!

Art of the Day

Brian Mviveros

Highly sexy, vintage style pinup art of girls who all like a good smoke. Nice stuff.

The Truman Show


I like to think of myself as a writer, so i find it fascinating to find movie or episode scripts online, becausee you can see how your favourite films are put together on the page, and get an appreciation for not only what the writers bring,ut what the actors and directors can do with the material they’re given. so I was actually happy to find the full script of one of my favourite films – the Truman show. As well as being interesting in general, if you’ve not seen the film, you can give it a read, but you need to watch it – it’s awesome.

20 Awesome Lego Mech Creations

For all you mech nerds out there 😉

Damnit, why did I never have the creative mind to make these as a kid? Or even now? How they put them together baffles me. I just get proud when I can make stuff when i follow the instructions. Haha

The Making of Josh Hoffine’s ‘Devil’

Now THAT’s how you do photography, kids.

Check out the rest of his work – it’s pretty darn cool.

Motivation of the Day

The Largo Siblings’ Myspace – Repo! The Genetic Opera

Indulging in my current obsession, I came across these hilarious and inventive  Myspace pages for the characters of ‘Repo! the Genetic Opera’. Definitely check out the journal interviews, esp for Luigi – they had me giggling.

Luigi Largo

Pavi Largo

Amber Sweet

The Causal Side of Bombsquad Work

So very cruel, and yet utterly hilarious

Music of the Day

Another Suitcase in Another Hall – From ‘Evita’ – Sung by Madonna

I used to listen to this soundtrack all the time as a kid (heck, we didn’t have that much music choice haha) – and I still love Evita, so here’s one of my favourite songs. I love the lyrics too, esp the ‘call in three months time’ bit.

The Dark Knight – ‘I hate you guys’

By rotten-apples

This made me giggle – and it’s interesting seeing all the villains out of costume. I ❤ Harvey Dent in this film…but mainly because the design of two-face is awesome. Loving the joker goes without saying nowadays :p

Jewellery Makers

They demand respect

A hell of a lot of work goes into their craft.

Awesome house..

is awesome.

Bizarre and Stylish Steampunk Creations

Steampunk never gets old,

Shopping Spree

Russian Roulette Water Balloons

This idea is EPIC. I want to play.

Ornate Octopus Necklace

An odd shop, but oddly sweet and well made. I like, even if I wouldn’t necessarily wear most of the stuff. This little fella, however, i think I would wear.

Alien Facehugger Plushie

I want it, it’s MINE! *huggles*

Quote of the Day

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live

~ Oscar Wilde


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