Talkin’ ’bout Thursdays 15/04/10

14/04/2010 at 11:34 pm 1 comment

Art of the Day

Audrey Kawasaki

Hipster Kitty

F*ck Yeah!

meme-tastic 😀

Awesome Clever Illustrations

By Chow Hon Lam

These made me giggle. i’d love ’em on t-shirts.

Movie Posters Gone Lego

AWESOME. ’nuff said.

Red vs Blue


A very well done funny video

Motivation of the Day

Xemnes Reports

By psycrowe

A must for any Kingdom Hearts fans, especially if you like The characters in Organisation 13. This funny comic certainly entertained me.

Creepiest Anatomical Tattoos

I adore the muscle-arm one

I just love anatomy though, always fascinating. Though the uterus one is a little creepy lol

Music of the Day

Why Should I Worry? – From Oliver and Company

This used to be one of my sister’s favourite films, a disney animal rendering of Dickens’ Oliver. I just loved the music, and this song’s well worth a watch. Enjoy!

How to Become a Ninja

with just a t-shirt

Now you too can be a ninja! hyaaa! *karate chop*

Fantastic and Surreal Creatures

Isn’t nature awesome

I want a blanket octopus as a pet. i’d call him Harry. Why you ask? I dunno, he looks like a Harry to me :p

Shopping Spree/Craft Corner

Steampunk Supplies

Useful for any jewellery makers or steampunk enthusiasts

Quote of the Day

Well, not so much a quote as a funny/cool scene :p Enjoy


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