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Art of the Day

Micheal Dashow

A wonderful fantasy artist and all around nice guy it seems, he even offers tips and tutorials on his website – check it out πŸ˜‰

Hacked IRL

When vandalism is awesome

Don’t get me wrong, graffiti is often shitty and messy. Same goes for vandalism in general. However there are times when it’s utterly awesome, and enriches the public surroundings, making a great joke, statement or art piece, and generally just celebrating the human spirit. So long as it does no harm and doesn’t cost much money, I’m all for it. So enjoy these great ‘real life hackings’, I know I did.


Beat-box Music Maker

I had so much fun with this little application. I just wish there was a way to record them onto your computer as a music file. Oh well. Still worth a good few minutes fiddling about it.

Ridiculous Poses

Modelling fail

Ahh, why is it so satisfying to see models make tits out of themselves. Poor ladies and gents. Still, while I actually like a lot of these creative poses, there’s still a hell of a lot of “WTF?!” going on, and it’s very entertaining.

‘Criminals Used to have Character’

The mugshots of times gone by

I love both history and art, and here it comes together wonderfully, as we see the distinctive criminal characters of yesteryear. All the distinctive faces, and the way they seem to have a certain dignity lost nowadays is awesome. Very interesting stuff.

ROTFL Spiders

Not for arachnaphobes!

You’ve hear of Lolcats and Loldogs…now you have ROTFL spiders! Someone made this funny blog in response to the ‘cute’ lolanimals, and it makes me giggle, even while squirming at the spider pictures -haha

Motivation of the Day

If shoes could kill

*girly squeal* / irony

Certain individuals (you know who you are *fistshake* lol) say i’m obsessed with shoes. Personally I do my best to deny it, but it’s hard not to be obsessed with this good,bad and ugly beauties. If I wasn’t a complete pansy when it came to how high I can wear heels, I would want so many of these. Epic.

Awesome Time Wasting

For people who love to procrastinate bigstyle

This is a great site for marvellously large wastes of time. Check out the snail LED art installation.

Beautiful Examples of Creative Inforgraphy

Both creative and informative – what’s not to love?

These ‘infographs’ seem to be turning up everyone on the ‘net, which isn’t a bad thing IMO – there’s some beautiful and creative graphic design going on here. Check out and be inspired by these nifty examples.

Music of the Day

Coheed and Cambria – Here We Are Juggernaut

Sabrina The With – Full Videos

Here’s a nostalgia trip for you

Sabrina the Teenage Witch used to be one of my absolute favourite programmes as a kid (or tween or whatever). I recently stumbled across a facebook group for Salem the Cat (my fave character in the show), and of course I had to join it, and this sent me looking for episodes. So now i share my nerdy nostalgia trip with you guys! Enjoy πŸ˜‰


For the bad, worse, and uglier of fashion

Fashion is another big hobby/interest of mine, and I especially love it when people get creative. Sometimes it works, sometimes it misses the mark by a mile, and it’s always entertaining.

Mona Lisa Chair

EPIC. That is all.

Chromascope Viewer

View the universe in different wavelengths

A small but fascinating little site where you get a picture of a section of the universe and can view it in gamma ray, x-ray, visible, hydrogen, far-ir, microwave and radio wavelengths. it’s surprising what it reveals.

25 Examples of Unintentional Porn

Get your minds out of the gutter!

Because everyone needs some low-brow humor once and a while…

Random Pic of the Day

(Since the craft corner and shopping spree aren’t here this session πŸ˜‰ )

Quote of the Day

The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself

~ Oscar Wilde


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