Review Corner – Sex and the City 2

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Name: Sex and the City 2

Genre: Chick flick / comedy-drama

Certificate: 15

DT’s Rating: 8/10

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a confession to make.

I…….am a girl.

Yeah, no big surprise, the internet’s full of ’em don’tcha know, but nevertheless I usually don’t class myself as a girly girl. I usually cringe at chick-flicks and some rom-coms (though mainly those roms without the coms. Talk about soul destroying boredom), and avoid the soppyness. I like my action movies and action-fantasies, and not only for perving over Hugh Jackman. But there’s something so endearingly feminine about sex in the city, without being boring, which seems to just be a joy to me. It’s pure and utter escapism. And it always makes me smile. Darned if I’m going to apologise for that 😉

Escapism is the name of the game with this movie. Unfortunately I missed the first one, but the sequel easily picks up anew. The girls are older and more settled down. Miranda and Charlotte are mothers and feeling the strain, Carrie is in her marriage with ‘Mr.Big’ going through a rough monotonous patch, and sexy Samantha is facing the horrors of the approaching menopause. It’s completely different to the singleton life of the series, and yet the new problems they face bring a  new vitality (and in the motherhood case, a new and rather touching critical honesty) to the women’s lives, and the humour is still as sharp and hilarious as ever.

It’s always been a hobby of me and my mates to completely take the piss out of Carrie’s outfits, and boy she does not disappoint. Some (ok, most) are ridiculous – look out for the hat (oh Jesus the hat!) and had us giggling. The rampant fashion materialism is always well offset by her fashion faceplants. The Sex and the City escapism takes on a new level as we travel around the exotic and indulgent location of Abu-Dhabi too for their misadventures, which breathes new life and is a feast for the eyes.

All in all the film was funny, girly, at times silly, with touching moments and some real life messages in there too.

If you love the series you’ll adore this. And it’s a perfect film to curl up to with popcorn and a glass of wine after a crappy day when it comes out on DVD.




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