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Hello hello one and all. Following our half birthday, here’s a fab link list for you all.

I plan to start designating regular days for each topic, so you always know when the site updates will be. I’m thinking of Link-Lists Mondays, Picture Posts on Wednesdays and Reviews of Fridays.

Also , a friend at my rp group introduced me to Ogame – a scifi strategy browser game where you run/manage a galactic empire. Usually I can’t get into them (I suck at strategy) but this is actually pretty simple and satisfying. Plus it’s free – huzzah!

Biggest form of procrastination EVER.

Well, aside from writing this blog -haha

Art of the Day


Another cool artist over at deviantart. i especially love her old lady warrior character Adelheit.

Pokemon  what happened to you – by Alex Day

I’ve been playing a fair amount fo pokemon recently,a nd thsi tickled me. Ah, I remember red. Loved it. Vintage pokemon FTW.

Hilariously inaccurate..

..knockoff toys

Titanic bot has to be the most awesome knockoff toy EVER. 😀


Sci-fi Empire browser-based rp

The GM of the guys I (now used)to rp Vampire the Masquerade with showed me this awesome little browser based rp game. I’m usually not a strategist – I’m crap, to put it mildly and have a small attention span – but this is actually very approachable and fun. Check it out 😉

Motivation of the Day

22 most uncomfortable Album Covers


Tee hee – ah unintentionally hilarious album covers. enjoy.

John Nolan Films

A fascinating look behind the scenes at the world of animatronics.


The Epic David Mitchell on his soapbox about the phrase ‘i coudl care less’. I knew it wans’t just me who thought this!

So much Pun

Silly and funny visual puns

Some of these are bizarre, some are very clever and some are cringingly awful – but all of them are fun

Scribbler Too

Epic browser Drawing program

I love love love this program.  Anyone can make great art. it makes cobwebby lines which look really effective. After playing about with it I made that pic above. Lots of fun and  a great way to waste a hour or so 😀

Music of the Day

Other Side – By Pendulum

I’ve been listening to Pendulum constantly since I discovered that they were playing to Leeds festival this year (so I get to see ’em :D). I bought the new ‘immersion’ album and ‘in silco’ to go with the ‘hold your colour’ album I already had. I’ve got to say that ‘In silco’ is my favourite out of the three. Some real classics there. This is one of my favourites, which literally did not leave my head for a week after I heard it. I think I’ve exorcised it for now…just.

The Video’s pretty epic as well 😉

Action Heroes…

In makeup

Flipping LOL.

Magic Hugs
Comedy troupe

A pretty funny comedy sketch site. Random goodness.

Shopping Spree

Elin Mouldy Art

Utterly bizarre and yet strangly pretty, Elin makes art inspired by kichen and mould and usually embroidered. I’ve got to say that I love it, it’s so usual -haha

Craft Corner

Pokemon 3d beadwork tutorial

Quote of the Day

Experience is the name that everyone gives to their mistakes ~ Oscar Wilde


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