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Review: Toy Story 3

Name: Toy Story 3 (2010)

Company: Pixar

Rating: U

Dt’s Rating:  8.5/10

-The Review-

Finally, after over a decade, we get a conclusion to millions of teenagers, young adults, and tweens favourite childhood film – Toy Story. Being one of the generation that were young enough to appreciate Toy Story when it first came out (but old enough to actually remember it), this film is a special treat. As soon as it begins you’re pulled back into the brightly coloured plastic world. the Style is the same  (though the humans look slightly less terrifying now. Thank god for that), the characters are the same, and the spirit is pretty much the same.

However there is a big difference in the theme of the story which we saw hints at with Toy Story 2, which makes me think that while this is definitely a kid’s film, it was designed mainly to appeal to the kids (now young adults) and parents of the original generation of watchers. Essentially Toy Story 3 is a touching film about moving on, growing up, family and loss – but with all these things said I was happily surprised that it wasn’t as depressing as people seemed to make it out. As Andy grows upthe toys are left not played with, and have to choose where their loyalties lie – with Andy or with the opportunity for a new life where they can be ‘reborn’ in a way and played with all over again by new people. The risks are high too, though, with the risk of unhappiness at a wrong decision, and even toy death at the hands of the trash.

Speaking of the latter, a genuinely touching and extremely emotionally well handled scene is done about confronting death, which is far far better than the usual disney-esque ‘omg he shot Bambi’s mother let’s traumatise kids forever’ type of melodrama, but I won’t say anymore for risk of giving spoilers. All of the difficult issues present are subtly handled in a mature and very real way, which is what really impressed me about the film. It’s so easy to over-egg the pudding, as they say, but Toy Story 3 never does that, but similarly doesn’t shirk away from the very real issues and drama of these rejected toys lives.

Now, that all said, we return to the very important element – fun. Even with big (and let’s face it, quite heartbreaking to think about) issues, Toy Story 3 is still a very fun film. The jokes are clever and hilarious, the characters are as brilliant as ever and the animation is ingenious and eye-catching. There is everything here that you loved about the first 2 toy story films, and the new characters just add to it very nicely. Perhaps, because  of juggling genuinely scary or serious drama and issues into a kid’s story that is full of jokes as well, they aren’t as much of a laugh-a-minute as the other films, but the quality of the jokes are still great.

Finally, the ending (without spoilers). Toy Story 3 was made as an ending to the series, and the film itself is all about endings and new beginnings. The film does a brilliant job of knowing its audience. Andy is 17 and leaving for college, so it’ll emotionally appeal to the original watchers who are facing that position now, or did so recently. The toys reflect this too, the toys in a way taking the role of parents and those left behind, as well as having their own unique take on it, obviously – yet again the subtle parallels with the experience of loss and death there too. Essentially the issue of moving on and whether it’s right to try and be happy anew after sharing so much of your life with someone. All heavy stuff when you look deep into it, but the film, as ever, deals with it very nicely and without melodrama. The ending – which is happy by the way, so don’t worry – is perfectly done and very touching.

All in all I loved it. While I don’t know if it’s a film I’d watch again and again and again, it still is a very well thought out and well executed end to a wonderful series, and it goes out with the smile it deserves.

So I give it a very well earned 8.5/10


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Wacky Wednesay Picture Passion

It’s my favourite blogging day of the week – Wednesday! Hopefully I’ll entertain you with some more nifty pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

P.s – special thanks to i found the site and it’s a great collection of random pictures, so many of these are from there this week 😉

by false-prophetess

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Link List Tastic

Welcome and happy(?) Monday. I should be off to see Toy Story 3 today (if all goes well) so you might get a review of it come Friday. until then, here’s some especially cool links and videos for you. Enjoy!

Art of the Day

Carole Feurman

A hyper realistic sculptor who has a penchant for making wet-looking people. Somewhere between excellent and creepy..

Stupidest 911 calls

This stuff just baffles me as to why people think it’s ok. weird.

If celebrities worked at a renaissance fair

Celebrities done in a historical style. I love some of these pictures.

Light Saber Simulator

Zzzzzzgggfh! Zzzwwrhhn!

Mission Delectable


A compendium of things past by – pretty interesting form a pop-history perspective. they also have a book on this stuff.



Pencils against the Chamber by Ben Heine

This is so cool. I want to try it out.

Motivation of the Day

My Little Pony For Geeks

II loved My little ponies as a kid (and i’ve still not forgiven my mum for getting rid of most of them -lol) These are modified to look like all your favourite geeky characters, and I must admit for most of them the work and detail that’s gone into them is stunning. very nicely done.


Awesomely bad combovers

Apparently women often find bald men sexier. (heloooo Patrick Stewart! <3) So guys, please, I beseech you, NEVER try a comb over. Shave it off. shave it all off!

The Creepiest Fan Art – Hufifngton Post

I admit it. I draw fanart and like to faff around with established characters (slash *cough* slash), but some of the art out there is just creepy or competely odd. Personally mpreg creeps me the hell out (apart from that ‘junior’ film with Arnold Schwarzenegger  and Danny Devito – good times). Some of these are very well done, some are awful. all are a little unsettling. That said, trawl around 4chan or deviantart long enough and it gets much worse…happy freaky hunting!

(ah rule 34. How I am always amused by thee.)

Music of the Day

6 Reasons to Ride a Polar Bear to Work

Polar bear…F*ck yeah!

Shock til you drop

A great site for news and reviews if you’re a horror fan.

Awesome Fractal Art Gallery

Lord knows how they make thsi stuff, but I’m very impressed.

Shopping Spree

FantomCat (ep 1&2)

I adored fantomcat as a cartoon when I was a kid. But no one seems to remember the cartoon. Well now you can get it on amazon DVD for 22p (plus postage) – awesome.

Quote of the Day

Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority. ~ 2nd doctor, Doctor Who

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Friday Review: Gran Torino

Name: Gran Torino

Genre: Drama

Starring: Clint Eastwood (also directed and produced by him)

DT’s Rating: 9/10


I watched Gran Torino fairly recently, not quite knowing what to expect. It had gotten good reviews, but my relationship with Clint Eastwood as an actor was vague (i never did get to watch Dirty Harry, though i intend to one day, and I’ve never been a cowboy fan) so i didn’t know if it’d be my cup of tea. Luckily, i wasn’t disappointed, and it’s definitely worth the good reviews it’s gotten.

Basically, Clint is an ageing, sour, blatantly racist veteran who is recently widowed with a no-good selfish family (but not in a ‘wicked stepmother’ kind of way, but a more subtle and real hopelessly self-involved and clueless way). He is left in a street that has soon become a ghetto for the Asian immigrant community and refuses to move out. There he meets a mhong (pardon me if I got the name/spelling wrong) family who he both fights with and warms to, and gradually becomes embroiled in the gang conflicts within the neighbourhood centring around this family and the young man he soon takes under his wing.

The trailers of this film seemed to try to play on Clint Eastwood’s gritty action roots and craft this up as some sort of kick-ass vigilante film. In reality it’s much subtler (and in my opinion, better for it). The thrust of the film is mainly in the well written and oddly endearing character of Clint’s, his progression as a person who comes to accept his neighbours, and his relationship with the teen he gradually helps to turn into a man. It’s slow paced and quiet, but in such a way like many good films are, allowing the characters plenty of room to breathe, which means that when the community-shattering violence -(which is very real in portrayal and frank without being melodramatic)- happens, it hits all the harder. The ending of the film is quite a twist (though the predictability of it can be debated), but certainly takes a step away from cliché to give a moving end to a great little film and a great character development.

I’d definitely recommend it. 9/10

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Picture Passion

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another nifty picture post. I hope you enjoy, I always love finding and making these. Remember – if it has a caption it’s from an artist’s gallery, so make sure to check it out by clicking on it. Til then, have a cool rest of the week. 😉

by ZombieHumper

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Link List -Tastic

Art of the Day

Enkel Dika

Awesome pop artist. I love the joker-queen.

20 Geeky Words to Add to Your Lexicon

Everyone needs a little bit more in their vocab, especially if you’re into your grammatolatry…

Windowless Van

A nifty site of randomness that seems to be growing. Enjoy

My whole childhood just came rushing back. And for some reason Bert and Ernie is WAY funnier now I’m an adult than when I was a little kid. Is that the same for anyone else?

Dear Fedex Delivery Person…

Gotta love this guy’s honesty.

Aliens Unmasked. The Faces Behind Movie Monsters

Awesome. I’ve got to say that Diva Plavalaguna is my fave – she was epic in the fifth element.

Motivation of the Day

These Are Demotivating Times

Do you like motivational (or demotivational) ‘posters’ like the one above? Then you’ll love this.

A Great Question to Ask the Dalai Lama

Next you’ll be asking if Jesus ever wore trainers..

Facts You May Not Know About the George Lucas Universe

Some of these are pretty darn interesting.

Music of the Day

12 impressive concealed guns

A must for anyone planning to be the next James Bond.

Get Famous on Facebook

A few tips for utilising facebook to its best.

100 signs you’re a horrible parent

Not quite sure if this is a warning against what NOT to do, or a benchmark to aim to hit when (if) i eventually have kids. hmm…

Shopping Spree

Apple Ukulele

From, this is a lovely little instrument in the shape on an apple. Very well made by the looks of it, and absolutely adorable.

batman and robin tee

Crafty Corner

Photoshop Abstract Watercolour Wallpaper Tutorial

I’m gonna have to give this a go sometime, I think it looks great

Quote of the Day

Maybe, just once, someone will call me ‘Sir’ without adding, ‘You’re making a scene’. ~Homer Simpson

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Wednesday Picture Passion

Feeling the midweek blues. you know what you need – pictures! 😀

Remember, wait for gifs to load. it seems that they don’t always work. If so try clicking the picture and it’ll navigate you away to just that picture and it should work. Darn technology…*fistshake*

Also, some are credited, so check the bottom of the pic. Thanks.

Hope you like.

by ameise

by jeannette oerlemans

by wira nurmansyah

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