Doctor Who Special – Picture Passion

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Well, the new Doctor who series is finsihed until Christmas. Personally I loved it.

(I thought i’d wait to put this up until everyone had plenty of time to watch it, so we have no spoiler issues, if any :p)

So Whovians, to celebrate, here’s a art-heavy picture passion special – I hope you enjoy

Ps – a lot of these are from  please click the pictures and check out the artist’s galleries!

p.p.s – Yes Torchwood is here too, since they’re all the same universe 😉

by basalt

worst of teh timelords comic drawn by reaperfox


by xana-1

Worst of the Timelords comic

by thecosmisdancer

by CircusMonsters

by ladyatexel

hand dalek by girl-on-the-moon

By Paul Hanley

By Spune

by the hellish gnome

by basalt

by smutpuppets

by kinky-chichi

by TheRast

by whoodian

by starlite decay

by xana-1

by charco

worst of the timelords comic drawn by reaperfox

by Trakker

by kinky-chichi

worst of the timelords comic

by AqueousSerenade

by aspieomnipotent

by thecosmicdancer

by girl-on-the-moon

by stripesandstars

by atomic fireball

by renton1313

by thecosmicdancer

By Kinky-chichi

by rockerbot

by unassumingpunpkin

by unassumingpumpkin

by akabeko (click to make bigger)


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