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Howdy, howdy and welcome to this week. I think the new schedule system is working well, especially for you early bird who are around and awake at 9 in the morning, so you can get your updates smokin’ hot 😉

I graduate on Wednesday, which will be a funny experience…either that or boring. Either way I get to wear a robe and pretend I’m a wizard. But alas, I have no wand. Good luck to anyone else who’s graduating! the links

Art of the Day

Carlos Herrera

Very cool cartoony fantasy art and plenty o’ dragons 🙂

The Beardly

A blog dedicated to ‘man’s greatest achievement’ the beard. beard fans unite! lol (NSFW)

I was a bit hesitant about sticking this up since it’s mature as hell (NSFW means ‘not suitable for work’ for those not in the know), but one of my friends linked me to it and I’ve got to admit that it’s usually funny as heck.It’s a webcomic with a dungeons-and-dragons setting and strong sexual themes: innovative, funny and well drawn, and it updates every Sunday (which is somehow ironic :p)

100 underapprecaited movie quotes

The Arrow of Time

Every year, the Golberg family photograph portraits of themselves and as the years go by they put them togetehr to show themselves ageing and their families growing. I don’t know what it is about ageing that is fascinating to me, but it’s beuatiful in it’s own way, and fascinating to see how people change.

(and btw all the sons look crazily the same -haha)

Motivation of the Day

Michealangelo Nintendo Remix

Check out this awesome sculpture. Itsa Mario!

Vintage Sci-fi

I just love how brightly coloured and weird these are. very weird and very retro 🙂

Music of the Day

Afi- too shy to scream

I love AFI – consistently tehy’re an awesome band to see live, and they just keep getting better and better. This is from their most recent album ‘crash love’, which is great.

Basic Instructions

I love this webcomic I’ve literally spent hours trawling through it and giggling like a loon. Plus, you never know, you might learn something 😉

Starship Dimensions

in scale images of all your favourite fictional spaceships. Pretty nifty to look at. some are HYUGE. plus it’s great to see all the different variations.

Shopping Spree

Kingdom Hearts Axel Plush

It’s an adorable little plushie of Axel from Kingdom Hearts. Awesome ’nuff said – ‘Got it memorised?’

Craft Corner

How to make Key charm jewellery

by Drayok

Quote of the Day

Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that. – Homer Simpson


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