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Art of the Day

Enkel Dika

Awesome pop artist. I love the joker-queen.

20 Geeky Words to Add to Your Lexicon

Everyone needs a little bit more in their vocab, especially if you’re into your grammatolatry…

Windowless Van

A nifty site of randomness that seems to be growing. Enjoy

My whole childhood just came rushing back. And for some reason Bert and Ernie is WAY funnier now I’m an adult than when I was a little kid. Is that the same for anyone else?

Dear Fedex Delivery Person…

Gotta love this guy’s honesty.

Aliens Unmasked. The Faces Behind Movie Monsters

Awesome. I’ve got to say that Diva Plavalaguna is my fave – she was epic in the fifth element.

Motivation of the Day

These Are Demotivating Times

Do you like motivational (or demotivational) ‘posters’ like the one above? Then you’ll love this.

A Great Question to Ask the Dalai Lama

Next you’ll be asking if Jesus ever wore trainers..

Facts You May Not Know About the George Lucas Universe

Some of these are pretty darn interesting.

Music of the Day

12 impressive concealed guns

A must for anyone planning to be the next James Bond.

Get Famous on Facebook

A few tips for utilising facebook to its best.

100 signs you’re a horrible parent

Not quite sure if this is a warning against what NOT to do, or a benchmark to aim to hit when (if) i eventually have kids. hmm…

Shopping Spree

Apple Ukulele

From, this is a lovely little instrument in the shape on an apple. Very well made by the looks of it, and absolutely adorable.

batman and robin tee

Crafty Corner

Photoshop Abstract Watercolour Wallpaper Tutorial

I’m gonna have to give this a go sometime, I think it looks great

Quote of the Day

Maybe, just once, someone will call me ‘Sir’ without adding, ‘You’re making a scene’. ~Homer Simpson


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