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Welcome and happy(?) Monday. I should be off to see Toy Story 3 today (if all goes well) so you might get a review of it come Friday. until then, here’s some especially cool links and videos for you. Enjoy!

Art of the Day

Carole Feurman

A hyper realistic sculptor who has a penchant for making wet-looking people. Somewhere between excellent and creepy..

Stupidest 911 calls

This stuff just baffles me as to why people think it’s ok. weird.

If celebrities worked at a renaissance fair

Celebrities done in a historical style. I love some of these pictures.

Light Saber Simulator

Zzzzzzgggfh! Zzzwwrhhn!

Mission Delectable


A compendium of things past by – pretty interesting form a pop-history perspective. they also have a book on this stuff.



Pencils against the Chamber by Ben Heine

This is so cool. I want to try it out.

Motivation of the Day

My Little Pony For Geeks

II loved My little ponies as a kid (and i’ve still not forgiven my mum for getting rid of most of them -lol) These are modified to look like all your favourite geeky characters, and I must admit for most of them the work and detail that’s gone into them is stunning. very nicely done.


Awesomely bad combovers

Apparently women often find bald men sexier. (heloooo Patrick Stewart! <3) So guys, please, I beseech you, NEVER try a comb over. Shave it off. shave it all off!

The Creepiest Fan Art – Hufifngton Post

I admit it. I draw fanart and like to faff around with established characters (slash *cough* slash), but some of the art out there is just creepy or competely odd. Personally mpreg creeps me the hell out (apart from that ‘junior’ film with Arnold Schwarzenegger  and Danny Devito – good times). Some of these are very well done, some are awful. all are a little unsettling. That said, trawl around 4chan or deviantart long enough and it gets much worse…happy freaky hunting!

(ah rule 34. How I am always amused by thee.)

Music of the Day

6 Reasons to Ride a Polar Bear to Work

Polar bear…F*ck yeah!

Shock til you drop

A great site for news and reviews if you’re a horror fan.

Awesome Fractal Art Gallery

Lord knows how they make thsi stuff, but I’m very impressed.

Shopping Spree

FantomCat (ep 1&2)

I adored fantomcat as a cartoon when I was a kid. But no one seems to remember the cartoon. Well now you can get it on amazon DVD for 22p (plus postage) – awesome.

Quote of the Day

Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority. ~ 2nd doctor, Doctor Who


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