Monday Link List

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Merry Monday, and have a happy week 😉

Art of the Day

Phillip Straub

Lovely fantasy illustrations – many are positively glowing

What Should I Read Next

It’s summer and many people have some freetime, so it’s the perfect time to get reading. If you’re a bit stumped, thsi nifty app suggests books in lines with your tastes

Now This is How You Ask Someone Out.

Awww….he’s a keeper.


Just memorizing.

Anti-gay Rights Activists Caught Being Gay

I’m a big supporter of gay rights, so this makes me smug. That’ll learn ’em! Hypocrisy hardly helps their case.

Motivation of the Day

8 Most Bizarre Patron Saints

Patron saints are pretty cool – there’s one for every occasion. Some are crazier than others.

25 Best rage Guy Comics

An amusing eulogy to a meme.


All Hail the Rave Toilet!

Well, if you’re going to do the whole making-a-mess/vandalism thing, it might as well be AWESOME

Chris’ Compendium of Free Online Roleplaying Games

The ultimate form of procrastination!

Music of the Day

100 Best Sci-fi Short stories/Novellas/Novelettes

Still stuck for something to read? check this out.

Stupid Test Answers

From stupid to epic to WTF? I love ’em! If I was a teacher I’d be glad of ’em. At least some of the teachers marking on this list have a sense of humor.

Epic Paper Art is Epic

I especially love Lane Twitchell’s Peaceable Kingdom (Evening Land)

Craft Corner

Make a Paper Gift Topper

I think these look so neat and designer when they’re done. a great way to add some vava-voom to a present.

Shopping Spree

The Carrotbox

a great store for rings. They’ve got lots of colourful choices, and the site itself is friendly and amusing too.

Quote of the Day

Facts are meaningless – you could use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true! – Homer Simpson


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