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Back from holiday and ready to rock n’ roll. I hope you enjoy this week’s link list. I’ve got some great videos for you today, especially.


Art of the Day

Cool phone book art

The Film Yap

A good site for recent film reviews, well written and personal enough to be useful.

Dr Web M.D

If in doubt, you’re gonna die, apparently.

The Nicholas Cage Cake Song

This is without doubt the crackiest thing I’ve ever seen. EPIC. And very well animated too.

20 Pregnancy Pointers to Live By

Are you pregnant? Planning to be? Then you could do worse than check out this advice. It’s both educational and hilarious :p

Motivation of the Day

The Art Inside Your Eyes

I find these just stunning. Just shows how beautiful even the smallest details are.

Holmes vs Holmes

The classic series of Sherlock Holmes vs the Robert Downey jr Movie Sherlock Holmes. In chibi! Let the adorable battle begin.

And Speaking of Holmes…

If you haven’t seen the new 3-part BBC series yet, I encourage you to try and find it online (or look out for repeats). It’s set in modern times, written and managed by Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatis – who do some great Doctor who episodes – and stars benedict cumberbatch (who did a stunning main role in the Stephen hawking biography/drama) and martin freeman of office fame. funny, clever and vastly entertaining – it’s my newest fandom 😀

Here’s a funny clip from episode 3 featuring Watson and Sherlock

The Climbing Excavator

That’s…..That’s just scary looking.

Music of the Day

Kate Nash – Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?

I got Kate Nash’s new album ‘my best friend is you’ recently. I’ve really gottento like her and I’m hooked. I just love the feel and the lyrics of her music. So here you go, this if one of my favourite songs form the new album, played live. Enjoy 😉

Most Unpopular urban dictionary enteries

I challenge you to start using these as standard vocab form now on. Though truly, most of these are awful. lol

The Princess Bride….with Cats.

So bad it’s good.

Dog Art

With a razor and some coloured dye, you too can turn your dog into a monstrosity.

Shopping Spree

Doctor Who: 11 Doctors box Set

ooh someone buy this me! Anyone…? lol

Craft Corner

Simple Steampunk jewellery tutorial

Quote of the Day

Marge, you being a cop makes you the man – which makes me the woman; and I have no interest in that, besides occasionally wearing the underwear, which (as we discussed) is strictly a comfort thing. – Homer Simpson


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