Review: Mallcop

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Paul Blart: MallCop (2009)

Certificate: PG

Director/Writer: Steve Carr / Kevin James

DT’s Rating: 7.5/10

I think that I must be a bit of a comedy snob. So often, after experiencing dismal (in my opinion) films like ’40 year old virgin’ or ‘about schmidt’, when I see a particular brand of comedy such as things like ‘you don’t mess with the zohan’, ‘the hangover’, ‘ evan almighty’, ‘knocked up’ and ‘mall cop’, I tend to cringe away and turn my nose up at it, expecting it to be awful. Usually I expect that they’re low budget, often tasteless cringe-comedies with rather irritating American comedians.  However, in the case of Zohan, Evan and Mall Cop (the one’s I’ve brought myself to see) I couldn’t be more wrong.

So, I hereby solemnly swear to stop being such a snob….

Well, I’ll try anyway. 😉

Now, to the review. Paul Blart: Mall Cop was, to this little snob, a big surprise, and a really pleasant one. What I expected as substandard acting, unlikable characters, cruel fat jokes, silly slapstick and cringe-comedy and a plot that was very quickly dull. Thank god it was none of these. What I got instead was a genuinely humble and sweet, genuinely very funny comedy with warm values and a nice little plot that didn’t  take too many obvious routes, a a selection of actually very well written and real-to-life characters. Also props to Kevin for his seamless mastery of his Segway – lol

Paul Blart is a security guard (or ‘officer’ as he prefers) who has been working at the mall for 10 years after he repeatedly fails his entrance tests to join the police force, due to his Hypoglycaemia frequently causing him to collapse when his sugar intake gets too low. Therefore he throws himslef passionately into his job as mallcop, in both his adherence to the rules as well as his creativity for new ideas, and seems to be the only one to take the job seriously. While training a new mallcop he comes across a wig shop vendor Amy, and promply falls in love with her. However he messes up his chance and, as usual, is forced to rely on the support of his loving and ever-supportive mother and daughter at home to perk him up. Come Black Friday at the mall, his problems take a turn for the worse when the mall is taken over my robbers and hostages -including amy- are taken. having been distracted and therefore remained in the mall, Paul has to decide: does he do what his co-workers do and run out to let the police do the heroism, or does he use his unprecedented knowledge of the mall to try to take the criminals down in order to protect Amy?

Warm, funny, with nice values and the ability to make fun of the main character without being unnecessarily cruel (which, ironically, comes across as even funnier), I was impressed. it’s a great weekend comedy to curl up in front of, and you’ll come out feeling better about yourself.

Also, oif you’re into your ‘extreme’ sports like skateboarding and parkour – you will adore the villians and their excellent stunts.

So, all in all..

7.5 / 10


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