Welcome to the Procrastination Station

The Procrastination Station was started back on the 10th December 2009 as an outlet for all the random gems that it’s author ‘DT’ – a uni history student who spent far too much time procrastinating on the internet when she should have been working – managed to salvage.

Now it’s a eclectic mix of internet finds: from memes; viral-trends; Art; random pictures; cool music; videos; quotes; motivational posters; funny,interesting and bizarre links; cool craft pieces and awesome shopping finds – you’re guaranteed to find something to while away the hours at work, home or school.


To work is human

To procrastinate: divine.

After all, even God relaxed on the 7th day.

About the Sections

-Link Lists

the foundation of the site, these are collections of awesome links, also added to the regular features of ‘art of the day’,’motivation of the day’, ‘music of the day’, ‘shopping spree’, ‘craft corner’ and ‘quote of the day’

Picture Passion

Big collections of random pictures, gifs and memes from all over the internet – funny,cool,crazy and beautiful, you can find them all here


Sometimes even the great blue nowhere of the internet isn’t enough to satisfy my need for a good stint of procrastination, and when that happens I look for my fix elsewhere. I share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of what i read or watch here, hopefully giving you some good recommendations along the way.


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